Getting the best from Digitalshoebox


Please pack your precious order securely – a Jiffy envelope, bubble wrap or a box will be perfect.

The image above shows you what 500 photos looks like, in a typical shoebox you will be able to get around 1000 photos. A slide box  typically contains 35-50 slides.

It helps if you include your return address, clearly printed on a separate sheet – we’ll use this to post your order.

We clean all slides, films and photos with cleaned compressed air blowers and brushes before to scanning, but customers can ensure the best possible result by following a few simple tips.  Carefully remove any dust or grit by blowing and then using a clean lint-free cloth.  You can then wipe carefully with a clean damp cloth.  You can do the same with negative and slides. But please take the greatest care with your precious items as even the slightest scratch will be magnified many times when enlarged.

If you bundle up your photos we will scan them and put them into folders so you will be able to organise them more easily on your computer.  Photos don’t need to be the right way round, but if they are it will help us process your order more quickly.

It's slightly different with slides – we really do need to know which side they're meant to be viewed from, so please mark the mount with a pencil or crayon if they do not already have an indicator from the processor.  Images can be ‘flipped’ in a photo editing program, but we can't do that unless there are visual clues, such as lettering in the image.

If we cannot scan your slide in its original mount because it has deteriorated, we can remount it for you, for an additional cost.  We will let you know of this on our initial inspection of your package when it arrives.

To have your items scanned in a particular order it is best to number each slide on the mount or on the reverse of the photo, with a soft pencil that doesn’t ‘show through’. We will do all we can to ensure your items are scanned in the correct order, though due to the way the scanning process works we may not be able to achieve this every time.

We get a better result with black and white prints by scanning them as monochrome. However if you have a mixed batch of photos, both colour and B&W, and you want them scanned together in order, they will have to be all scanned as if there are colour.

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