• Digitalshoebox will let you watch those old family films again, from just 8
    • We do not use a projector and screen, we use frame by frame capture on a Telecine give excellent quality video for you to enjoy on your TV, PC or tablet.
    • If you’re old Super8 projector still works – what a hassle to get it down from the loft, set it up, move the furniture ….
    • We’re here to help!  We’ll give you back those memories so you and your whole family can enjoy them again on your smart TV, iPad or iPhone.
    • Super8 and other 8mm formats accepted, with sound, if you’re lucky enough to have them.
    • Digitalshoebox saves your video and film to the universal MPEG format
    • Range of file formats are offered for viewing on a wide range of devices, including your DVD, Smartphone, Smart TV and iPad. Please let us know your requirements and we will satisfy your wishes.


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